it Girl

Throughout her years at Céline, Phoebe Philo set trends in nearly every category: handbags, shoes, suiting, party dresses—you name it. She was even responsible for our renewed interest in Birkenstocks. As Vogue’s Sarah Mower put it in her review of the Pre-Fall collection, which was also Philo’s last, “The extent of the copying of Philo’s Céline in contemporary fashion made her style seem, like the weather, so normal, so taken for granted as to be almost invisible.” The same was true of her jewelry. While some Céline shows had little in the way of jewelry statements, most were punctuated by giant door knocker earrings, Lucite cuffs, or, more recently, surprising baroque pearls. Now, of course, baroque pearls are everywhere—and it seems Philo is still into them. Her Pre-Fall collection offered a few new versions, like the pearl earrings studded with lapis. There was even a pair of white pumps with freshwater pearl and pavé charms looped around the ankles.

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