These New Achernar Earrings Will Give You a

Reason to Stop Wearing Hoops This Summer

Throughout her years at Céline, Phoebe Philo set trends in nearly every category: handbags, shoes, suiting, party dresses—you name it. She was even responsible for our renewed interest in Birkenstocks. As Vogue’s Sarah Mower put it in her review of the Pre-Fall collection, which was also Philo’s last, “The extent of the copying of Philo’s Céline in contemporary fashion made her style seem, like the weather, so normal, so taken for granted as to be almost invisible.”

The same was true of her jewelry. While some Céline shows had little in the way of jewelry statements, most were punctuated by giant door knocker earrings, Lucite cuffs, or, more recently, surprising baroque pearls. Now, of course, baroque pearls are everywhere—and it seems Philo is still into them. Her Pre-Fall collection offered a few new versions, like the pearl earrings studded with lapis. There was even a pair of white pumps with freshwater pearl and pavé charms looped around the ankles.

The earrings that caught our eye, though, were the bejeweled emerald discs hugging Karolin Wolter’s and Binx Walton’s lobes. They’re geometric, a little arty, and packed with sparkle—everything we want in an earring this summer. The shape itself isn’t necessarily new, but it’s fresh territory for the Céline woman, who likely has a jewelry box full of yellow gold earrings and big, sculptural necklaces. Consider it all the proof you need that colorful, weighty discs are the new statement earrings of summer 2018; maybe now your hoops will finally get a rest.

If you’re looking for a pair in every color of the rainbow—all the better to mix and match, à la Céline!—a few other designers have been making similar styles. Rachel Comey’s Camille earrings look like ice chips suspended from your ears, and they’re nicely priced under $100. They’re exactly the kind of finishing touch a Comey girl would want for her wide-leg jeans, silk blouses, and wooden clogs. Atlanta-based designer Jennifer J. Matchett designs tortoiseshell earrings in every shape, from oval hoops to studs, but her disc earrings are her calling card—and in swirling mash-ups of pink, green, and blue, they’re also highly Instagrammable. (She also makes a pair in crystal clear acetate for minimalists.) Then there’s Saskia Diez’s high-shine Paillettes hoops—also described on her site as “polished silver flakes” —which have a bit more after-dark potential. If we’ve learned anything in the past decade, it’s that where Philo goes, others will follow, so you’d be smart to find your favorites now.